What is Palestine?

Palestine is my homeland, but not everybody thinks it is a country. Palestine is located in the Middle East, next to Israel at the south and west borders which are called the West Bank. It is a land with its own peoples, its own faith, and its own language which are all different from the Israelis. However in the 1950s the Allied Powers gave the area around Jerusalem, which is our holy city as well, to the Zionist state. So my people have taken the lands surrounding, but we are slowly pushed back by Israel. Israelis settle in our lands, and build their fences out further every year. This is the reason for conflict, and why I had to leave my land. One day I hope to return: it is a beautiful country, which was once full of orchards and the sunset is like nowhere else. But it will be a long time before than is possible if it ever comes to pass at all.