Thinking Like An Immigrant

Thinking Like An Immigrant

I am always being asked what it is like as an immigrant in this country. People are fascinated by the idea of it. I always find that fun, because it makes me think like a journalist about myself!

Many people are demonizing immigrants in the media and in the politics right now.

I want to set the record straight. As an immigrant I can tell you that we have a very healthy mentality. We are not here to take your resources. We do the jobs you do not want to do very often, and we work hard to earn what we have.

And while we have much to learn about your culture, I think it would be a good idea for many Americans to start thinking more like immigrants too.

Here is why.

As an immigrant, you are always thinking of what might happen from out of the blue. You save money to be prepared. That is a much better mentality than when many Americans spend whatever they have left over from every pay day. Americans should save money for when you might need it down the road.

If you save even $10 a day you will be surprised at how much is in your piggy bank at the end of the year. And it will be so much easier for you. For us it is a struggle to set the money aside to help our families back home or to feed our families here in the United States. For you, it is as simple as skipping a burger or an extra movie ticket. This is how you will become as good as an immigrant at dealing with emergencies and other things you don’t expect.

Take every opportunity to get free things or things at discounts. You never see immigrants buying things at full prices in shops. That is because we know better. You may think we are too poor to buy clothing from normal shelves but we go to the clearance rack because we know we get many more things for our dollars there. If you are a patient shopper as we have learned to be you will learn that you should never have to pay more than 75% of what a price tag is marked. Immigrants are used to haggling and being what you call “shrewd” a new word for me. If you control your need to have things immediately you will save so much money at discount season.

Immigrants also live very modestly. We cannot afford the luxuries of very expensive cell phones and many television channels. I think that if every American had to live as one of us for one month, they would find many things in their lives unnecessary.

Many of the world’s problems would be solved by us buying fewer possessions. You would save the environment. You would re-use waste like plastic containers and bags. Immigrants are very good recyclers. And you would feel less anxiety in your life because you would have more money to spend on food and rest.

I have been thinking a lot about this. And you can read my article about living modestly and finding spiritual happiness through vacuums from last week.

In the end I think immigrants bring a fresh perspective to America. They can see when things are a waste of money and when you are being careless which will get you in trouble when things go badly.