Palestine in USA Politics

2016 has been the first election season as you call it for me in America. It has been a learning experience in many ways. I am not used to the extended length of the campaign compared to other countries, especially in the Middle East. It is truly very long. Almost two full years by my count.

It has been very interesting to me as well to see the change from many years of President Obama who has been president since I arrived here. The country is going to change very much, I feel, and it feels like many people have not been speaking up in this way before.


I am perhaps less worried than many Americans about what will happen with President Trump. Remember I have seen many worse leaders who were not elected at all, far from the small detail of your electors college. I think it will be very different but not necessarily bad.


The one big issue that worries me is what will happen with Muslims like me and with Muslim issues that we care much about. The campaign brought out much hatred and fear of Muslims that was very new to me. I am concerned about what will happen if Mr. Trump continues to speak in this way as our President. I am also worried about how militant it seems to me his choice for envoy to Israel is.

I have known for a long time that there is an unspoken agreement in this country that Israel is always right in their conflicts. That is not fair, and I have often been disappointed by it. Americans look the other way while people like me are pushed from homes by Israeli troops and settlers.


The next President may be even more against Palestine. His choice for an envoy to Israel has said he does not believe in a “two-state solution.” For those of you who don’t know that means he thinks Palestine is not deserving to be recognized as a country. This is a very serious issue to my people and to me.


We have been in our homeland and in parts of Israel for just as long as the Israeli. If there is not two-state solution there will be war forever. This is why there has been war since the Allies divided up the Middle East. They did not give respect to the sovereignty of my people and now we are displaced. We are refugees in many ways. Or foreigners in our own lands.

I am hopeful than the United Nations will convince Mr. Trump to see the importance of this. But I would like to respectfully ask my readers to ask why America is always so supportive of Israel even when they commit grave atrocities against my people. Surely all parties are to blame, and Israel cannot be given a blank check to do whatever they will.

If this country is at as much of a crossroads as it seems, and many ideas are being tested, I think we should add this one to the pile.