My Story

I was born in Palestine in 1983. I have always seen conflict in my homeland, and there has been for generations. However I lived in the West Bank, which is the most violent of areas in my homeland. When Israeli settlers came to my town, they bulldozed the buildings and forced us all to leave our lands which we have owned for many years. Some of my neighbors, they put up a fight, but the war could not be won. I left in this conflict because my wife and I could not stand to be in such hate anymore. I was targeted personally as a journalist for Palestinian news website. We arrive in America in 2009.

Since 2009 I have worked at many places in the area of Baton Rouge where we have resettled. I make food at an old people’s home in our suburb. We are buying our first house this year. I am very grateful to our neighbors for their warm welcome. To make things easier, I have adopted a French name that helps me fit in here.

I did not write for many years since I came here. I have not spoken good English and I did not want to write anymore after leaving my home. I think now is a good time to start again. I like my job but the more I read about in this press I think I can tell important stories. And Americans do not seem no hear very much of Palestine in the news. It is always talked about in relation to Israel and it is always the second state. Never the first.

I am hoping to educate my friends and neighbors about the Palestinian people from which I come and about the issues we find important.

My dream is to get well enough writing this blog that I may find a post in journalism here in America. Please stay tuned, as you say!